For a Superior Drink of Water

Alpine Fresh USA


AlpineFresh USA has developed the perfect brewing system for your office with a stylishly designed brewer that will provide:

  • Optimum Economic Coffee Extraction.
  • Vaccum Insulated Servers to Keep the Gourmet Coffee Freah and Hot up to 4 Hours.
  • Eliminate bitter, Burned, Bottom-of-the-Pot Coffee
  • Save as Much as 25% on Coffee, and electric costs

AlpineFresh USA offers a variety of high quality gourmet coffees such as Starbucks, Apffels, Yuban, etc.


All of our coffees are fresh roasted locally by a 90 year family owned small batch roaster. Our selection of coffees are packaged in nitrogen to insure absolute freshness and quality.

Gourmet Coffees Specialty Brands
Alpine Private Reserve Starbucks Cafe Verona
Alpine 100% Colombian Starbucks Sumatra
Alpine Colombian Decaf Starbucks House Blend
Royal Cup European Gourmet Diedrich Morning Edition
Variety Pack. 10 of each above Deidrich 100% Colombian
Folgers Classic Roast
Flavored Coffees Folgers Gourmet Supreme
Apffels Vanilla Nut Yuban 100% Colombian
Apffels Hazelnut Creme
Apffels Vanilla Nut Creamers
Apffels Chocolate Macadamia Nut Coffee Mate Creamer
Apffels Flavor Variety Pack Carnation Hazelnut
Carnation French Vanilla
Tea Carnation Mocha Almond
Lipton Tea Bags Land O Lakes Half and Half
Liquid flavored creamers Lipton Decaf Tea
(French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Mocha) Bigelow Earl Gray
Mini Moos Bigelow Constant Comment
Bigelow English Tea Time
Sweeteners Bigelow Green Tea
C&H Sugar Bigelow Green Tea w/Lemon
Sweet and Low Cocoa
Splenda Swiss Miss
Swiss Miss Sugar Free
Soups and Snacks Swiss Miss w/Marshmallows
Lipton Beef Soup w/Noodles
Lipton Chicken Soup w/Noodles Paper Products
Lipton Cream of Chicken Soup Stir sticks 5.5" Plastic
Lipton Hearty Chicken Soup Paper plates 6"
Paper plates 9" Heavy Duty
Pantry Supplies Forks medium weight
Coffee pot cleaner 12 oz. Spoons medium weight
Thermal Container cleaner 12 oz. Knives medium weight
Coffee pot brush Paper Towels
Joy dish soap 50 oz. Scott paper napkins C fold
Soft Soap liquid hand soap Foam cups 8 oz.
Condiment organizer Foam cups 12 oz.
San Jamar water cup dispenser Paper cups 7 oz.
Paper cups 12 oz.
Equipment Coffee filters
Carafe Stainless Steel Stay Fresh 64 oz.
Airpot Stainless Steel Stay Fresh 85 oz.
Carafe Stainless Steel DeLonghi 50 oz.
* Each brewer includes one carafe at no charge.
* Each brewer @ N/C rental with minimum service requirement*
* All items and prices subject to change without notice*


This is a great business. From the moment we started service with them, the water, service and prices have all been consistant and good! AlpineFresh is some of the best bottled water I have ever tasted. The prices are lower than any other bottled water service I contacted and if there is ever any problem, they take care of it right away!

Melissa H.


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